Friday, April 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

- 1 -
This is my first 7 Quick Takes Friday in almost a year, it’s good to be back :)

- 2 -
What are you up to this weekend? Next Monday is going to be the last day of classes for us at the University of St. Thomas, which means things are going to get hectic real quick! I am going to enjoy this weekend as the calm before the storm.
I’m planning to go to a Taize Evening Prayer service with a few of my friends tonight. Have you ever been to one? It is very similar to praise & worship, but instead of singing Christian worship songs, you sing traditional chants. Most of the chants are repetitive, so you can have a meditation while singing.
Taize prayer service was originated in France, and it is very popular in Europe and some South Asian countries. I haven’t been to one since I moved to the States, so I am really excited :)

- 3 -
I really love Joanna Goddard’s blog “A Cup of Jo”. A while ago, she had a post on dinner etiquette complete with cute illustrations. It’s pretty awesome - you can find it here.

- 4 -
Yesterday night, my boyfriend made the best burger I’ve had in a while. While he said the ingredients & spices he used are top secret (or it could simply be a culinary accident and he had no idea what he put in it), he did put a cube of cheddar cheese in the middle of the patty, so it’s very similar to a “lucy-juicy”.

Anyway, I was watching Nate Berkus' show today, and I would love to try this Korean mini-burger recipe!

- 5 -
The unexpected downside of cohabiting before marriage - I came across this article via Facebook the other day. 
As a Catholic missionary, of course I do not support cohabitation. But regardless of my faith, I still do not think cohabiting before marriage is a good idea. When you discuss this topic to a non-believer, it’s easy for them just to say, “Oh you don’t agree with this only because you’re Catholic.” So how do you explain the downside of cohabitation without necessarily talking about God?
I think that’s where science and research comes in. This article is a great read. It might give you some good points on how to approach this topic in a secular standpoint.
- 6 -
Currently reading: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

I started reading this book because I really really want to watch the movie, and I am afraid that once I watched the movie, I won’t be interested in reading the book anymore. 

I am only 40 pages into the book, but I love it so far. My boyfriend doesn’t like it as much, but I think it’s because of the writing style. Most of the book is told through the eyes of a 9-year-old boy named Oskar. Naturally, Oskar's narration kind of went all over the place, but I found his voice very endearing. 

- 7 -
I wanted to end with this video

Have a relaxing weekend!

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