Friday, May 21, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

-- 1 --
Interesting FACT #1: I’m actually writing this post back home in Hong Kong! Which means...
-- 2 --
My End-of-the-Semester Madness is officially over.  Well, kind of! I still need to send out newsletters to all of my mission partners who support my mission on campus generously on a monthly basis. But other than that, I’m pretty much done with all of my on-campus work :)
-- 3 --
Wednesday was actually a pretty crazy day for me. First of all, I missed my flight... I think it was totally God’s will, though the truth was I left my bag at home with my passport in it. Yup, pretty lame, I know. Luckily, my friend, Emilie (aka. the Rock Star), was with us, so she went home to pick up my bag for me while I helped my mom to check in with her flight. At the end, I missed my first connection flight to New York, but I was put on standby for the next one, and barely made it to my connection flight back to Hong Kong with my mom. My guardian angel must be helping me, cos it’s a pretty close one! Then of course, after all the rush, I got super sick on the plane, and needless to say, my 15-hour plane ride was no fun at all. The thought of getting on a plane again in 3 months makes me sick, could I take a cruise back to Texas instead??
-- 4 --

Now a little info about my hometown - Hong Kong. If you’ve never been to Hong Kong, you’re missing out!! Check out this YouTube link*
-- 5 --
On other news, my cousin just got confirmed yesterday! It is truly through the grace of God that he could received this Sacrament, since his parents were both fall-away Catholics. I am so glad that he continued to go to Sunday mass and attend Sunday School weekly in order to receive Confirmation. He has once told my mom that he’ll probably stop going to Church once he gets Confirmed -- little does he know that by the Sacrament of Confirmation, he is bounded to the Church more perfectly, and he will be forever sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit! Please pray for my cousin, Bernard, that after enriched by the special strengths of the Spirit, he will continue to grow in his faith.
-- 6 --
I mentioned from my last 7 Quick Takes that we had a Mustache Party for our students. Here’re the snapshots that I promised to post, they're pretty awesome!

And these two are the winners for the Best Real & Best Fake Mustache*
-- 7 --
Fun FACT #2: I kinda cheated for 7 Quick Takes this week, I am actually writing this on Saturday morning! BUT, it’s totally legit, since it’s still Friday night in America, ha ;)
Enjoy your weekend!

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