Friday, April 30, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

-- 1 --
Where did April go? I just looked at my calendar to see that May starts TOMORROW. I am going to have to ask God for a month extension, or better yet, a day extension because 24 hours a day is simply not enough...
-- 2 --
Tomorrow will mark the beginning of our End-of-the-Semester-Madness.  May is always a busy month for missionaries - not only do we have to start wrapping up the school year (finish all of our paperworks, meet up with our bible studies & student disciples before everyone heads home), we also need to start planning for next year, figure out where we’ll be assigned to after the summer, and start packing either for staff training or our trip back home. Since I’m heading back to Hong Kong for summer, I have a lot of work to get done before I leave on the 19th!!
-- 3 --
Oh, and did I mention that my mom will be here in a week? Both of my parents will be in San Francisco next week for my dad’s 40th anniversary with his company. I’m going to join them for my dad’s reception and take a little tour of San Francisco for the weekend. After that, my mama is going to come and stay in Houston with me for a while before we both head back to Hong Kong! Of course, I’ll still have to work, but it’ll be awesome to have my mama around ;)
-- 4 --
I had the first crawfish of my life last week. The Black Student Association at UST was having a Crawfish Broil Party last Friday, and for the price of $5, you can get 2 big boxes (about 3 lbs) of crawfish with drinks! Kailey and I went together as our discipleship. Digging into the crawfish with your hands and peeling off their shells was kinda messy, I do love the crawfish with the yummy spices, but personally, that was a little too much work for me... I’m just too lazy!
-- 5 --

After the Crawfish Bowl, we went to watch Kick-Ass, and well, I have to admit that it was a darn good movie :P Now, I don’t want to give too much away, however, if comedy + action is your thing, and you don’t mind to see a little too much blood, I say GO FOR IT, you won’t regret it!!! I thought Kick-Ass was just another seemingly pointless comedy, yet I was pleasantly surprised. It will certainly go on my list of movies that’s worth re-watching on DVD.
-- 6 --
I just walked home from the gym, and I have to say it definitely felt like I was swimming in the open air. We have 87% humidity in Houston today. One word: GROSS!
-- 7 --
We’re having a Mustache Party for the students tonight - no mustache, no admission, no exception! The weather is still a little be yucky right now, but we’ll open up our patio, our little FOCUS house is simply too small to fit everybody! I still need to decorate the house and prepare some snacks, but hopefully everything will go well. I’ll be sure to include some pictures next week ;)
Have a great weekend!

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It sounds like you could use a break! I hope that you're having fun with your mother.

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