Friday, April 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

-- 1 --
Special Photo Project!
Last Sunday was my good friend Natalie’s 22nd birthday :) To celebrate her big day (she’s all the way back in Hong Kong!), we all made signs saying “Happy Birthday” and take pictures, so that we can put all the photos together in a scrapbook for her. 
I asked my wonderfully talented friend, James Ramos, to help me out. So for an hour or so, I got a little taste of the life of a super model, hahahahaha. Here’re some of the shoots he took:

-- 2 --
I had my very first surfing lesson last weekend**  And it was sooooo much fun! I’ve always assumed that the most difficult part of surfing was the pop-up & positioning on the wave (aka. the actual getting onto the board & surfing part). But the hardest part is actually predicting the wave set and trying to determine where they will break (aka. drop in positioning to catch a wave), which requires a lot of experience. 
Being out in the water reminded me how much I love the ocean. It’s so calm, yet so powerful; looks so simple, yet so mysterious - there’re still a lot of marine species that are yet to be discovered. While I was thinking about the ocean and trying to relate it to the love and mercy of our God, I googled “God, ocean”, and this is what I found. LOL 
-- 3 --
Recently, I’m addicted to food blogs. They are all so well-written and fun to read, I just wanted to try cooking everything. Here’re two of my favorites:
Dinner: A Love Story - Jenny, food editor of Bon Appetit, Cookie, Real Simple, and a mother of two, her blog is super fun & easy to read. Recipes are always simple & easy to follow.
The Pioneer Woman - I have a very hard time believing that Ree (aka. the Pioneer Woman), started this website all by herself. It is so much more than just a food blog, she writes about homeschooling, gardening, created a place for others to share their recipes... all these she does from her country home with her 4 beautiful kids.
-- 4 --
Speaking of food blogs and such... I cook lunch for my Bible Study every Friday, and since we’re in the season of Lent, I need to be a little more creative because we can’t have meat. Thus, our menu of the day is Tomato Basil Soup + Twice Baked Potatoes. Yummmm! Check out the recipes, they’re super easy & quick to make!
-- 5 --
And speaking of my Bible Study... Here’s a picture of my wonderful girls:
They are all freshmen & sophomores. I have 2 new girls, Lori and Brittney, who joined a few weeks ago, so we now we have a wonderful Bible Study of 7! Right now, we’re studying Salvation History, please pray for us!
-- 6 --
There Be Dragons. We received a media packet for the movie There Be Dragons this morning! Both me and my roommate are super excited ;) If you haven’t heard of the movie yet, you need to check out the trailer.

The film explores the theme of betrayal, forgiveness, friendship, dealing with our own “dragons”, and finding meaning in every day life. I can’t wait to bring my students to watch it! 
-- 7 --
Prayer request: Please pray for Nathan and Ryanne, both of whom are former missionaries with FOCUS. They just learnt yesterday that their son’s heartbeat stopped - they were due to give birth on Easter Sunday. Please pray that our Lord can give them peace and hope in His will. They named their little boy Caleb Benedict.

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